I combine a naturally keen intuition with a strong background in Anatomy and Kinesiology in order to bring a powerful but nurturing form of Bodywork to my table. The art of massage has always fascinated me, but it was my comprehensive education in the Clinical Program at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy that helped me connect my love for making people feel better with my ability to help them heal. Healing is a collaborative effort and I love being a part of someone’s path towards greater health and wellness.  

I have spent my career working with all types of bodies. I have worked with the elderly as well as teenagers. I have been a regular adjunct to the training programs of professional Body-Builders as well as Olympic Athletes. I love being a part the healing process as well as the drive towards competition. 

My background as a personal trainer and an outdoor athlete afford me an understanding of sports injuries and the desire to perform at one’s fullest potential. I believe that everyone’s health can be enriched and strengthened through massage whether your goals are finding that competitive edge or cleansing yourself of the toxic effects of stress. Massage is one of those healthy things that actually feels great!