On-Site Massage Therapy

We bring everything you need to have an amazing massage experience in your home or office. If you find that heading right back out into the bustling traffic of your day starts to take away from the massage experience too quickly, why not have the massage come to you?

Single Table Massages

60 minute      $135 (availability depends on frequency and location)
90 minute      $190 (usual minimum for home visits)
120 minute    $240

On-Site Package Prices

The best way to afford regular massage therapy in the comfort of your home. These packages make an incredible gift that is sure to delight your friend, client, or loved one.

4 sessions= 6 hours  =  $700   ($175/ 1.5hr session)

6 sessions= 9 hours  =  $990   ($165/ 1.5hr session)

8 sessions= 12 hours = $1,240 ($155/ 1.5hr session)

10 sessions=15 hours =$1,450 ($145/ 1.5hr session) 

Multiple Table Massages

2 to 5 clients during one visit to the same location get special group rates. Each massage can be broken down into different lengths to make sure we accommodate everyone

2 X 60 minute sessions - $240

3 X 60 minute sessions - $325

5 X 60 minute sessions - $500  

3 X 90 minute sessions - $480

Couples Massage Therapy

One of our trusted, female, or male Massage Therapists accompanies me in providing simultaneous massages to you and your significant other while you experience this in the privacy of your own home.

2 Simultaneous 60 minute In- home massages - $250

Massage Parties

The ultimate luxury party!! Available using the chair so as to keep it informal. Or using the table in a separate room.

Chair: 15—30 minute sessions
Table: 30—60 minute sessions

Studio Massage Therapy

Come visit me at one of the beautiful studios I work out of in NY or CT.  I will craft each massage to your special needs.

30 minute - $65
60 minute - $110
90 minute - $160

There are packages available for Studio Massage Therapy in our Westport and East Village office.

6 Hours of Studio Massage  -  $540

12 Hours of Studio Massage - $1020